After spending so much time and money running different types of campaigns we can tell you that ‘marketing’ has changed and moved into a new era. Being on Google or having a Facebook page just isn’t enough anymore. There’s too much ‘noise’ and it’s almost impossible to get noticed.

PooshMedia was established as a result of individuals gaining years of experience in the marketing world, working for companies such as Google, Facebook and PayPal, and coming together to create something ‘fresh’. We understand and see ‘marketing’ in a different way, which helps us bring our customers smashing results and business growth.

So buckle up ladies and gentlemen and welcome to PooshMedia!





This is the first step in the right direction, which also happens to be the most important one. The more information we collect about your business the better our strategy will be.


Our time to play. We bring fresh and unique ideas to the table, and spend loads of time mixing and matching, filtering, and creating while visualising the end result.


Time to roll up our sleeves. This is where we spend most time on details and final cuts. We don’t rest until the work is done and everyone around us is 100% satisfied.


This part is our favourite. It all comes down to this day. Putting our work out there to your target audience and seeing smashing results is beyond exciting!


September 2, 2016
Lead Generation

Need Real Estate Investment Leads? Do it Right!

Looking for Real Estate Investment Leads? Forget about “Email Marketing” – be honest, how many emails have YOU opened today that asked you to invest money or
August 19, 2016
Influencer Marketing

The one about Influencer Marketing

Many people are looking for that “shortcut”, that selfie with a celebrity or a politician, or maybe they’re trying to photoshop their products on Kim Kardashian to
August 10, 2016
Christmas came early

The one where Christmas came early

So what are your plans for Christmas? Yes, some might say that “you’re way too early” and “there’s still time to think about it”. But NO!


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